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To tell the story of Daily Paper’s nomadic nature we've partnered with ZENOLOGY to create a fragrance that explores our African origin. Carrying core ingredients such as Ghanaian Cacao, Moroccan Mint Tea, and the aroma of Somali Frankincense. With its woody and rich scent The Modern Nomad fragrance will have you experience our history as well as luxury.

African Heritage

Moroccan Mint

A popular beverage across North Africa and Arabia, Morrocan Mint is deeply rooted in family and hospitality traditions. Morrocan mint tea is shared and poured from great height into glass cups, the tea, also known as Berber whiskey, is ceremoniously prepared and enjoyed throughout the day. Seasonal herbs are added to the tea throughout the year and can be repurposed as a medicinal beverage to aid in maintaining good health. Believed to have been brought by the Berbers, the first settlers of Morocco, the tea’s long history has been carefully translated into our scent.

Somalian Frankincense

A multipurpose resin, Frankincense’s woody, and sweet aromatic is another central component of our fragrance. As one of the oldest commercial commodities, the resin has been in use for over 5000 years. Nowadays suffering from over exploitation, the Frankincense trees are found throughout Northern and Western Africa, India, Oman, and Yemen. Rooted in biblical meaning, tons of thousands of frankincense are traded every year for priests across the globe to use as incense in thuribles. Once offered with gold and myrrh by the three kings at the birth of Christ, frankincense has found wider use throughout the world. Makers of perfumes, natural medicines, and essential oils also employ the ancient resin to enrich their crafts.

Ghanaian Cocoa

Indigenous to the Amazon Basin and tropical regions of South and Central America, Ghanaian Cocoa poses as the last component of our fragrance. First cultivated over 2000 years ago, it formed the basis of a vast array of rituals. The Mayans believed Cocoa to be the food of the gods, considering it one of their most sacred plants. Having found its way to Ghana in 1876 when a Ghanaian named Tetteh Quarshie brought cocoa pods from Equatorial Guinea with him, Ghanaian Cocoa is now considered one of the world’s finest cacao. With one of the world’s best industries, leading in volume and innovation, Ghana houses hundreds of thousands of independent cacao farmers putting effort, love and care into their produce.

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