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Daily Paper Becomes an Official Curator on Apple Music

We are proud to announce that we are joining the Apple Music family as official curators. Since music plays an important role within the Daily Paper universe, we will actively curate 5 playlists, each consisting of soundtracks that inspire us and our community.

Store Playlists - The Sounds of Amsterdam, London, New York
Following the opening of our Amsterdam flagship store in 2016, we have since expanded to London and New York, where, together with each city's community, our team is shaping local culture. Music plays a key role in this, which is why each one of our three flagship stores will have its own curated playlist, composed of a carefully selected blend of sounds from local icons and upcoming grassroots artists. Through them you will be able to immerse yourself in a hyperlocal musical experience and discover the sounds that move the cities of Amsterdam, London, and New York.

Seasonal Playlists - Sounds of our collections
Without a doubt, music plays an important part in fuelling the creative process, themes, and narratives of each Daily Paper collection. Whether it’s the songs that were played by our creative team in the design room, or iconic tunes from artists that shaped the culture that inspired the story of our garments, our Seasonal Sounds playlist will bring you into our creative process and contextualise the resulting designs through music.

Our current Spring/Summer 2022 collection, for example, is an ode to the Hip Hop era from the 70s, 80s and 90s, where we revisited nostalgic silhouettes whilst giving them a contemporary spin. Naturally, music was central to the creation of nearly all aspects of this collection, which is reflected in the SS22 Seasonal Sounds Playlist via a curated tracklist of HipHop and R&B songs from each decade.

The Daily Life Series Playlist - Sounds curated by our community
The Daily Life playlist provides the underlying soundtrack to our latest docu series, in which we do a day-in-the-life feature on individuals from the Daily Paper family - spread across the globe, and making moves in different roles and a variety of industries. The songs featured in this playlist are a personal curation of everyone that’s featured, and range from sounds that fit their current mood, inspired them over the years, tunes they've been playing on repeat lately, or that reflect their heritage.

As of today, all five playlists are live on Apple Music. Tune in to stay on the pulse of everything we’re moving in the music world.

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