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Daily Life with Ysaora Thibus

Words by Sarah Osei

“If no one tells you you can succeed as a woman, you wouldn’t even dare try. If no one ever tells you or shows you that you belong as a person of colour, it becomes even more complicated,” says Ysaora Thibus. The French fencing champion and three-time Olympian’s work on and off the piste is about shattering those glass ceilings. From Guadeloupe to the winner’s podium at the Olympics, Ysaora is daring kids to dream like her – regardless of what you look like, where you come from and how impossible that dream might seem.

For this installation of our Daily Life series we caught up with Ysaora in Paris for a day. She shows us how family and home have shaped her on the journey to becoming a world champion. That her hero and mentor Laura Flessel taught her the importance of visibility in shattering limiting beliefs. And how she’s empowering her community through her women-led sports platform EssentiIElle

Ysaora reminds us that it’s the everyday challenges and victories that shape this journey and these accomplishments.  “For me, as a woman in this environment, what I am trying to do is break codes,” she says. 

Watch the Daily Life in full below.

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Film Credits:
Starring Ysaora Thibus 
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